• What is I-DOLLS about?

In I-DOLLS©, you will play a French girl who studies Korean language and culture and travels to Seoul to spend one year. There, she will attend classes in a Korean university.

In Seoul, she will meet Colin, her French-Korean cousin she hasn’t seen for 15 years and who’s now a member of a K-POP group — 3rd Star.

Our protagonist will have the opportunity to visit South Korea and to discover the culture, but also to spend time with the band and immerse herself in the universe of K-POP. She will attend concerts, will get to know the members as men and not only stars she used to be a fan of. She will also get the chance to peek at what is going on behind the scenes.

I-DOLLS(c) is an otome game, which means it’s an interactive romance game. You will therefore have the opportunity to become friends with the characters, or even more than that with your favorite one!  

The trailer of the game: YouTube

  • When is I-DOLLS released?

In February 2019.

The first five chapters will be released on the same day.

  • Where can I find I-DOLLS?

Android version (smartphones and tablets): on Google Play.

Computer version (PC and Mac): on Itch.io.

Direct links will appear here once the game has been released.

  • What about the Apple Store/iOS?

We’re a very small indie studio with a limited budget and we unfortunately can’t afford to build an iOS version of our I-DOLLS© app right now. We will however do our best to release it in 2019. In the meantime, we suggest you try our computer version, PC/Mac, available on Itch.io.

  • What about other languages?

We would love to translate I-DOLLS© in other languages than French and English, but we currently lack the funds to pay our translators a fair amount. We hope, though, that we will get the chance to work on this later this year. The first languages will probably be Portuguese and Spanish.

  • When are new chapters released?

Every five days.

  • How can I access new chapters?

You need to update your application as soon as we announce the chapter on our social networks.

  • Does the game work with action points, diamonds, energy, rubies, scenario tickets, etc?

No. We don’t use a system hindering the progression of players in the game and we never will.

  • Is the game free?

Yes. I-DOLLS© offers the player the opportunity to play the whole game for free.

  •  But you need to pay for chapters on their release day?

Yes. For five days after they are released, new chapters must be purchased. The amount is very low (€0.75) compared to similar games. This little something will enable us to create more chapters, illustrations, characters, bonus content… while making sure our studio doesn’t lose money. We are very grateful towards players who will contribute this way.

  • … So chapters will become free afterwards, then?

Five days after the release date, every chapter becomes free, replaced by the new chapter to purchase. This way, players who can’t pay can still enjoy the game after waiting for the update for only five days.

  • What is the point of paying to purchase the chapters when they’re released if they become free after five days?

You’ll help our studio create more content for the game, which will give it a chance to exist for a longer period of time. But you’ll also get access to exclusive content: special illustrations, opportunities to participate in contests/giveaways to win goodies from Korea or concert tickets… or even the chance to put in your two cents’ worth in the scenario of the game! You will not regret your purchase.

  • Can we replay chapters?

Yes. You can play a chapter as many times as you want, and it doesn’t matter if you wait for the free version.

  • I can’t enter my (nick)name at the beginning, what can I do?

If you have a custom keyboard installed on your phone, it won’t work to enter your (nick)name at the beginning of the game. You’ll need to disable your custom keyboard for a moment. You can do this by going to the settings section of your phone (system ; language and input). You’ll need to select Gboard (the default keyboard) and restart the game. Also, please make sure your phone works with Android 4.4 or above.

  • I can’t find my save files or my bonus pictures. Why? And what can I do about it ?

The game does not require you to use your Internet connection to play, so the files will be saved on your device. Applications or tools used to help manage or clear your storage space can access your phone’s cache and delete the files required to play the game correctly. To make sure you don’t lose your saves, we recommend you adjust their settings to grant an exception to the game or stop using them.

  • I am a minor, can I still play I-dolls?

I-DOLLS© is rated PEGI12/ESRB Teens, which means you have the right to play as long as you are 12 years old or more at the time you download the game. Our characters are young adults of university age: by playing the game, you are aware that the topics broached are mainly topics of interest to twentysomethings. To comply with the rating, all potential erotic content in the game will be hidden behind a disclaimer and will require that the player actively guarantees s/he is 16 years old.

As a minor below 16 years old, you are under parental supervision.

  • I am a minor, can I still take part in your contests/giveaways?

To protect minors, we will send hypothetical physical prizes they may win poste restante. This way, we make sure we don’t encourage minors to give their personal details to strangers on the Internet. If you are over the age of legal majority, you can choose, too, to give us the address of a post office instead of your own to retrieve prizes safely/in confidence.

As a minor below 16 years old, you are under parental supervision.

  • What are your official social networks?

Our Instagram account: Instagram 
Our Facebook account: Facebook 
Our Youtube account: YouTube

  • Will you create a Twitter/Snapchat/other social network account?

No. We want to focus on Instagram, our main account, and Facebook.

  • I have a problem; how can I contact you?

You can send us an email at contact@idollsotome.fr or through the messaging systems of Instagram or Facebook. We will do our best to answer your questions and help.

  • Am I allowed to post a walkthrough on Youtube?

We are not against walkthroughs on Youtube. We just ask that Youtubers don’t broadcast full chapters before they become free five days after their release. After this period of time, once the chapter becomes free as the next one is released, you are free to upload your game session to your channel.

  • Fanart, fanfic, transformative artworks?

All reproduction and quotation rights are reserved, including the reproduction of images and illustrations. This game falls under French and Belgian laws on copyright and intellectual property. I-DOLLS © is also a concept registered with the Office Benelux de la Propriété Intellectuelle (OBPI). However, we are not opposed to fanart, fanfic or other transformative artworks as far as they’re clearly labelled as such and no profit of any kind is made.

  • Is I-dolls based on real events or characters?

I-DOLLS© is a work of fiction. Any reference to historical events, real people or locations is only fictional. Though at times inspired by real facts, all names, characters, locations and events are only the product of the authors’ imagination. Any similarity to people, events or locations that exist or have existed is only fortuitous.

  • What do you know about Korean culture?

The scriptwriters are assisted by three cultural consultants to make sure the game is realistic and respectful of South Korea and the details of its culture. Two consultants are Frenchwomen living in South Korea; the third one is Korean.

  • Who created I-dolls?

Shukimo Studio.

  • Has everything in the game been created by Shukimo Studio?

Some pictures used in the game come from Unsplash, Pixabay, Wikipedia Commons under CC license, and are free of rights or used under the specific conditions required by their license.  Music samples are used under the specific conditions of their license. All sounds are free of rights. Everything else is a creation of Shukimo Studio and is subject to intellectual property rights.

  • How can we support you financially?

By downloading our game and purchasing the chapters when they’re released. By becoming a member of our Fan Cafe on Tipeee (link available a couple of weeks after the game is released). There, you will have access to very exclusive content every month (contests/giveaways, extra illustrations and stories, opportunity to ask questions to the characters…).

  • How can I support you if I don’t have any money?

By downloading our game and playing it chapter after chapter once they become free. By liking and sharing our posts on social networks. By commenting our posts and giving us your opinion, which is very important to us. Our players’ satisfaction is our priority and we pay close attention to their feedback (within reason).

  • What is the font used in the game, and why isn’t it a traditional font?

In the game and on our visuals, we use Open Dyslexic, which is free of rights. We have chosen this font to help dyslexic players enjoy I-DOLLS© with maximum comfort.

  • Are you open to partnerships?

Yes. Send us an email at contact@idollsotome.fr

  • Disclaimer

Shukimo Studio abides by the provisions of the law n°78-17 of January 6, 1978 relative to information technology, files and liberty modified in 2004 and the European regulation on personal data (EU Regulation 2016/679) of April 27, 2016.

Shukimo Studio doesn’t store any personal data whatsoever at any time or in any place (game, website, social networks).